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When and Where
  • 6/11/2021 1:00 PM EDT
  • 6/11/2021 2:00 PM EDT
  • Online
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Having an inventory of your theatre's Costumes, Props/Sets, Wigs, Jewelry, Lighting, Sound Equipment, etc will be a tremendous asset to you. You can use the Theatre and Equipment Inventory databases as a tool to help you plan for future productions, rent/hire items to other theatres or organizations and share lists and photos of your items with others. The Theatre and Equipment Inventory databases are easy to use, can be installed on a single computer or network, and have a very robust set of search options and reports to help you and others on your team. There are several options to use to share your data with others at no cost while keeping your data safe. Join us to see how the Theatre and Equipment Inventory Databases can help you. Brought to you by Costume Inventory Resources.