Collier Robert Woods Scholarship
  • This scholarship supports African-American and Black students with interests in lighting design and, or, theatre production, technology, and associated theatrical fields.
David Grindle Leadership Fund
  • The Grindle Leadership Fund supports the costs of diverse and under represented voices serving in all aspects of USITT leadership.
Edward F. Kook Fund for Research
  • the Edward F. Kook Fund helped the development of LED lighting for the entertainment industry.  Gifts support current research like virtual textiles and and high speed braking for entertainment applications, and new Innovation Research Grants projects addressing technology challenges faced by the entertainment industry.
Fellows Fund
  • The Fellows Fund provides seed funding for new initiatives allowing USITT to act quickly and responsively to opportunities.
General Operations Fund
  • The General Operations Fund supports the daily operations of USITT.
New Century Fund for Young Professionals
  • The New Century Fund supports initiatives for the next generation of design and technology professionals.  In addition it supports the funding of the Young Designers, Managers, & Technicians Awards.
Professional Development Fund
  • The Professional Development Fund supports continuing education opportunities for professionals beyond their student years
Rigging Safety Fund
  • The Rigging Safety Initiative provides safety inspections and training for secondary schools in the United States. In its first five years, RSI has already improved stage safety at more than 120 secondary schools impacting more than 150,000 students
Samuel Scripps International Fund
  • The Samuel Scripps International Fund provides assistance for USITT's work abroad.  It also helps fund master artists coming to the United States to share their skills and talents.
The Tayneshia Jefferson Fund for Inclusion
  • The Tayneshia Jefferson Fund for Inclusion is the cornerstone of USITT's efforts to grow opportunities for under represented populations in design and technology.  Through mentoring programs such as the Gateway Program, we help promising individuals develop their network, gain confidence in their ability, and open doors to create a world where creativity and skill are honored above all.
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