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When and Where
  • 1/8/2024 1:00 PM EST
  • 1/8/2024 2:00 PM EST
  • The Technical Production Commission is looking forward to seeing some of you at the next in person USITT conference in Seattle this March, but we know not all of you can make it! Please consider joining the TPR leadership team at one or both of these virtual meeting times. We'll discuss:
    • Update folks on the new TPR leadership and some of the Commission Leadership changes in general that have happened throughout USITT
    • Some of the sessions coming in March
    • Ask for feedback on what you may hope those sessions are able to include
    • Hear from y'all about any exciting events or opportunities you've been able to take part of since we last met
    • Hear from y'all about any events in the TPR world that aren't USITT Annual Conference that may be of interest to your fellow colleagues
    • Some open time to just connect with each other